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Sex, Drugs, and Magic
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11th-Jun-2006 10:21 pm(no subject)
Im sososo sorry to have to post this, but this is goodbye. SDM is officially dead. We've had some great times guys, and I speak for Caitlin and myself when I say how heartbroken we are to do this...It was a good run :/
9th-Jun-2006 01:00 pm(no subject)
This is rather boring, there is not a thing to do all the students in the year below me are frantic with their OWLs, for what i am going to do i do not need good grades in transfiguration or any of those other pathetic subjects except for DADA which shall be quite important with my future occupation.

I have not seen my brother or his Bitch Bellatrix of late. Which may be a good thing considering they have been leaving me alone. But still i shall miss Rodolphus next year.

But right now i am in trouble yet again.
25th-May-2006 12:36 am - RP with Severus
Lily slowly drifted back into conscienceness. Her sight was blurred at first, causing her to blink a few times in order to get focus. She sat up a little, soaking in her surroundings. Then she remembered what had happened.  Bellatrix, Cruciatus, blood, laughter...

She bolted upright, checking her arms. No blood. Her shirt was back to the prestine white it had been prior to the incident. She swallowed hard, wondering who would have done this for her. She once again glanced around her surroundings, realizing that this wasn't the Potions lab she was in previously, but the one farther down the hall.

Her eyes fell upon Severus in the other corner of the room. She stood up and quickly made her way over to him, throwing her arms around him. 

"Oh Severus... it was terrible."
25th-May-2006 12:31 am - Open to anyone
Frank had just gotten out of another meeting with the prefects. In his opinion, they had no clue what they were doing. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair as he walked down the hall. He wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings or where he was going, so his heart skipped a beat at he bumped into someone. He turned around.

"Sorry about that," he said, trying to see who it was.
10th-May-2006 11:11 pm - RP with Alice
Frank stumbled into the common room, looking rather drawn out and exhausted. It had been a bit of a strenuous day of classes followed by a long night of rounds.

He sighed, dragging himself towards a chair. He slumped into it, smiling as he began to get comfortable. Finally, some relaxation.
7th-May-2006 02:11 am - RP with Bella Black (See warning)
(OOC: Warning: No one, and I mean NO ONE, is allowed to intervene in this rp. No saving Lily Evans this time. However, we may choose to put Severus Snape at a later time, but it is Trish's character, so she is allowed to place him in later. Kthxbai. )

Lily was wandering the dungeons on patrol. Her hands were clasped behind her back and as she took every step, they hit her on the back lightly. She had been down their for the past hour, passing the time by thinking about a certain Slytherin.

She wish she would bump into Severus. The patrols were terribly dull and she wanted a distraction. She turned a corner and jumped as she nearly walked right into a person.

Andrameda had asked Rabastan to meet her so they could talk.

Rabastan had stood in one of the secret passages for 25 minutes, he was starting to get annoyed.
19th-Apr-2006 12:12 pm - Open to Severus Snape
Rabastan sat in the common room watching the portrait to see when Severus would walk in, Rabastan was going to get his revenge tonight, if Severus wanted to step on peoples robes when people were trying to flirt he better beware.
Little people annoyed Rabastan as did females.

He opened his book and began to read as the portrait slid open.
18th-Apr-2006 02:16 pm - Open to Severus
Lily sighed as she continued to lean on the wall outside of the library. She had been there for just a few minutes, waiting for Severus. She was earlier than the meeting time they had designated.

Her arms were full of books about the potion that should have been finished last week. She smiled to herself, remembering the last time her and Severus had been together.
18th-Apr-2006 01:36 pm - Open to Anyone
Rabastan Lestrange sat in the library reading about charms which he had a assignment due on Friday. He twirled his quill in his left hand, gently twisting the feather end with his other fingers. Rabastan had never been a fan of charms - it was all boring work, memorising little words that he would likely not ever have much use for unless he decided to become an Obliviator.

He snorted. Fat chance of that - he already had his future planned quite, down to each little detail.
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