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Sex, Drugs, and Magic
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15th-Apr-2006 10:15 pm - Open to Sirius
I sigh and shift on my feet. The entrance hall isn't crowded yet, as it's only about 7:30 in the morning. I crossed my arms around my chest and begin to chew on my lip.

I'm waiting for Sirius. We haven't talked in a long time and I really want to. It might have been because of the fight between Emm and I that caused us to not talk, but now that that's resolved, perhaps Sirius can talk to me again.

I see him walking towards the Great Hall some ten minutes later. "Sirius!" I yell, and walk towards him.
13th-Apr-2006 01:49 pm - Open to Bellatrix Black.
Severus returned to the Slytherin Common Room, in more of a cheerfuller mood than he had left it a few hours ago. He was still in a slight daze as to what had happened - he couldn't really believe it himself, but he hoped it happened again. It was just... wow.

Definitely something he never expected to happen to him.

"Somebody looks like they've had a good time," a feminine voice drawled behind him.
11th-Apr-2006 10:27 pm - RP with Alice
I lean on the wall adjoining McGonagall's office. She said that she wanted to speak to me about my last exam results. I chew on my lip absent-mindedly, waiting for the door to open.

Lately, I've been so scatter-brained. I have no clue why. Perhaps it's graduation. Or the fact that it's going to be three years since Dad died next month. I really have no clue.

Sighing, I slide a little farther down the wall and rub my eyes with my palms.
9th-Apr-2006 07:34 pm - Open to Lily.
Emmeline walked out of the library with a few heavy books in her arm, a bag slung over her shoulder. Her eyes were towards the ground, as per usual of late. She didn't actually need the books, but certain people were prone to the library, and she really did want to at least try and reconcile. But alas, Lily was not in the library, and Madame Pince had been so annoyed by Emm's wandering around that she'd checked out books just to appease the woman.

After nearly knocking into five people, three of which annoyed first years, she managed to make in back into the common room. It was a short trip up to her dorm to drop off the books and then another back down to the common room to sit in an armchair with a textbook and some parchment for the latest Transfiguration essay.

It was then that the portait swung open again, much to Emm's shock.
26th-Mar-2006 12:29 am - Open to Severus
Lily sighed angrily and glanced at her watch. She had been waiting in the library for Severus Snape for aproximately a half hour. They had been paired together for a Potions project. Which was fine with Lily, except for the fact that he was late.

It had been a week since Emm and her had had their "falling out". Lily would never admit it, but she missed her a lot. She had been withdrawn in classes and hadn't talked to any of her friends since then.

She began to drum her hand in an annoyed way on the table.
16th-Mar-2006 06:23 pm - Open to anyone
I walk out of the castle towards my favorite spot near the lake. I have one of my favorite books, Gone with the Wind, in my hand. I plan to catch up on a lot of reading.

I sit down and examine the book. Many of the pages are bent and the ends look old and warn out. I open the book, sigh happily, and begin to read.
22nd-Feb-2006 10:22 pm - RP with Emm
Lily exited the Gryffindor girls' dormitory looking a little frustrated. She walked down the stairs, a frown on her face. She had one person on her mind, Emm.

She knew that Emm had been ignoring her and for a bit she decided to give Emm her space. Emm needed to deal with Roland's death and she knew that. But everytime she has tried to talk to her, she rushed away and made some far-fetched excuse. She was worried for Emm.

She made it to the common room. She sat in a chair in a huff, thinking of where Emm could be.
I walk through the corridors, thinking about everything that's happened in the past week. And the fact that I need to get my Charms project done before Friday. I am clutching an array of Charms books and pieces of parchment with spells scribbled on them.

Not concentrating on where I'm going, I bump into someone and drop all of my possesions. I quickly begin to apologize.

"Oh, God, I am so sorry..." I look up to see the person I really didn't want to see.

"Oh, sorry Bellatrix. I must have been in your space right?"
5th-Dec-2005 01:15 pm - An Announcement
(I've decided to revert this to present time. It's easier and less confusing! So, today is December 5th in real time. It will be December 5th, 1975 in the rp time. Hope it's less confusing! ^_^)

Tis the season students!

As the holidays will be right around the corner before we know it, the faculty and I thought it would be nice to throw a Christmas Ball for all of you! So find you dates, get your outfits and get into the seasonal spirit!

Hope to see you all on the 24th!
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