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Sex, Drugs, and Magic


Sex, Drugs, and Magic {A Recruiting MWPP RPG}
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Sex, Drugs, and Magic: A Recruiting MWWP RPG

Hogwarts in the 1970s is a tumultuous time. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are ever present.Add that together with students who know how to perform magic, and you get one hell of a school environment.

It's the Marauder's 5th Year. A year full of OWLS, illegal Animagi, Snivellus, and girls. And the ever present threat of the growing Lord Voldemort and his followers, who are supposedly called "Knights of Walpurgis". Danger isn't only growing outside the school, there are threats in what is supposed to be the safest place you can find.

The students of Hogwarts are being forced to grow up fast. Will you come and join the experience?


bold denotes we really need these people

{5}James Potter: teh_emo_stag
{5}Sirius Black: paddy_foot
{5}Remus Lupin(Prefect): bookish_moony
{5}Peter Pettigrew: wormy_tail

{5}Lily Evans(Prefect): greeneyed_evans
{5}Emmeline Vance: ebil_emmeline
{6}Marlene McKinnon: forever_marlene
{6}Alice Chambers**:xsicklycheeryx
{7}Frank Longbottom(Head Boy): headboy_frank

{4} Suzanna Beckson*: Available
{5} Dorcas Meadowes: Available

{4} Hestia Jones: Available
{5} David Lovegood: Available
{6} Caradoc Dearborn: Available
{6} Benjy Fenwick: Available
{7}Ted Tonks: Available

{4} Regulus Black: Available
{5} Bridgette Hardings***: sly_hardings
{5} Narcissa Black(Prefect): cissa_kraze22
{5} Severus Snape(Prefect): veritas_felicis
{6} Evan Rosier: Available
{6} Rabastan Lestrange: sly_sibelius
{6} Andromeda Black: meda_smex
{7} Rodolphus Lestrange: divide_impera
{7} Bellatrix Black(Head Girl): glitteredgreen

Just Graduated:
?, Zabini: Available

Albus Dumbledore: professor_dumby
Professor McGonagall(Transfiguration): Available
Professor Slughorn(Potions): Available

* denotes future Mrs. Lovegood
** denotes future Mrs. Longbottom
*** denotes future Mrs. Zabini

---Also, any characters we've missed, (there's sure to be a few), please feel free to apply for!!!

To apply for a character above, use the following application:
Your name
Character's Name:
Character's LJ:
Personal LJ:
Sample rp:

sexdrugsndmagic accepts OCs. In fact, we embrace them. To apply for an OC, use this form (though we'd prefer to fill up the cannon character slots first):

Your Name:
Personal LJ:
Character's Name:
Character's Year:
Character's House:
Personal History:
Anti or Pro Voldemort, or Neutral:
Sexual Preference:
Sample RP:

The Rules
1) We are slash friendly. We embrace any relationship except canon relationships should happen eventually(i.e.: Lily and James). If you are offended by this sort of thing, I suggest you don't join.

2) Language is allowed. If you are offended by it, once again don't join.

3) Explicit sexual situation are allowed, but it must be marked clearly with a warning and behind an lj cut.

4) Owls go onto the character's journal. Obviously, the journal is also for the character's thoughts. This main community will be used for mainly classes and Open RPs.

5) Just have fun! No drama between members out of character. We love drama in character though ^-^!

6) Every member must join ooc_sdandmagic

7) God Modding would be a no-no. We like characters to decide for themselves what they'll be doing ^_^.

8) Concerning RPing: Please Label the Title of your RP with who it is open to when Posting. If it says 'Open to All', then please feel free to reply. However, if it's entitled 'Open to character's name here', please don't reply unless you are that character or if the people in the RP say otherwise!

Magnus Modus Operandi-
"It is the sole responsibility of the members of this community to be familiar with, and to abide by the rules of this RP. Violation of the aforementioned will lead to immediate expulsion from the community"